What does PO mean?

An acronym for "Piss Off" or "Pissed Off".


Other definitions of PO:

  • A shortened, slang term for "police". Used to call out that officers are in the area. Often, repeated, as in "po-po are coming".
  • In guitar instructions, this acronym means "pull off", a technique where a note is played on a string when removing a finger.
  • An acronym that can mean "pull out" which is a disproven form of birth control in which a man removes his penis just before ejaculation.
  • Acronym for "peace out" — often used at the end of text conversations as a farewell.

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How to use the term

  • Oi. PO. We had this area first.

  • The po have had this block on lockdown since that gunshot last week.

  • Then, on the bottom E-string, you'll PO from C to A, using your forth and first finger.

  • "Come on, babe, I can PO, we don't need protection".
    "Get lost, I told you I do not want children".

  • We're taking off. PO, brother.


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