What does Muff mean?

A slang term for a woman's vagina or pubic area.


Other definitions of Muff:

  • A tubular case made of fur or other materials, used by people to keep hands warm.
  • A slang term for a fumble or clumsy action, especially in regards to sports.
  • Shorthand for "Earmuff", a set of head coverings that either provide sound muffling or warmth.
  • A slang word for muffins, a baked good.

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How to use the term

  • Labeling yourself as a "muff diver" does not make you cool. Put in the work.

  • Going outside in the cold is much better with my hands in my muff.

  • If he muffs the punt return one more time, he's on the bench.

  • Wearing muffs is essential when using loud yard equipment.

  • I'm going to scarf down a few muffs before I head out. Those blueberry ones are perfect.


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