What does PIMP mean?

An acronym for the slang phrase "Peeing In My Pants" — used to express how funny or terrifying you find something.


Other definitions of PIMP:

  • A procurer at a brothel who works with prostitutes, securing shelter, clientele, and money management for their employees. This term has seen use since the 1600s.
  • An acronym that can mean "person in managing prostitutes", a reference to the profession of providing security and money collection services for sex workers. Often, the role can take on misogynistic traits, like ownership (sex trafficking) and coerced dependency. In a more casual sense, may refer to someone who has many suitors and has a prolific, public sex life.
  • In Australia and New Zealand, can mean informer or stool pigeon, who acts like a decoy to later feed information to the police.
  • When used a verb, can mean advertise or sell, but also occasionally can mean upgrade or trick out.

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How to use the term PIMP:

  • Dude, the joke was so funny, I was ROFL, PIMP.

  • She's been our pimp for about six years now and takes care of our needs. She's only had to kick out a few ruffians.

  • He thought of himself as a pimp, though many would describe him as a simp.

  • Oi bludger, make it hard yakka for the pimp in the corner before you make the handoff. Wait for him to rack off. Good on ya.

  • Go out into the mall thoroughfare and pimp these samples. We gotta get some business going.

  • I was on that show where they pimped my ride. What was the name of it again? Monster Garage?

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