What does Preach mean?

An exclamation that is used to convey agreement or affirmation to a speaker, used as a word of encouragement.


Other definitions of Preach:

  • A term that is said when you are in complete agreement with someone, asking them to continue speaking.
  • To earnestly deliver a sermon to an assembled group of people, typically in a church.
  • An emotional expression that commanding the speaker to speak their mind, and continue spreading their word.

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How to use the term Preach:

  • I hear you talking about how the Transformer comics are actually good and the movies are terrible. PREACH!

  • Tell them all about it; you've got to preach!

  • Person 1) Rich white men have really tricked the world into thinking poor people are a burden while they fill their pockets each tax season.
    Person 2) Peach.

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