What does Papi mean?

The Spanish word for "Daddy". The term is slang in a similar way to "daddy", sometimes used between sexual partners with no familial relation.


Other definitions of Papi:

  • Spanish word for "father" or "daddy", the phrase is often used by grown women as a term of affection for their sexual partner.
  • Translates to "daddy" and is typically used by children to call for their father. However, similar to daddy in English, it can be used between partners in a relationship.
  • A pet name for partner, similar in use to "daddy".

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How to use the term Papi:

  • Let's go to the bedroom, papi.

  • ¿Qué estás haciendo, papi?

  • My papi drove me to school this morning.

  • Hola, papi chulo.

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