What does Pog mean?

A reference to the "PogChamp" emote that expresses surprise or excitement. Gained popularity on the video-game streaming service Twitch.


Other definitions of Pog:

  • A shortening of the contraction PogChamp, which stands for Pog Champion. This emoticon comes from an outtake on a promotional Mad Catz fight stick commercial in 2011. In the outtake, Gootecks, a professional Street Fighter player, reacts with a very expressive, surprised face to a camera mishap. The Pogs involved were for a competition in the advert that concluded with the fight stick hitting a stack of pogs.
  • Short of Pogchamp, a Twitch emote that expresses surprise, joy, or excitement, in response to something someone has done in a video game on the platform.
  • Used as a response to a "close call" in a video game; often employed on streaming sites.

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How to use the term

  • When they beat that boss with only 1 health left, there were pogs in the chat.

  • *A streamer has pulled off some incredible, high-risk maneuver*
    People in chat: POG POG POG

  • Throw me a pogchamp if I make this jump. Here we go!

Video related to Pog


Pogs Championship: gootecks vs Mike Ross - Madcatz Promo, YouTube

  • A Miscellaneous that mentions "Pog."
  • The original commercial in which two professional gamers play Pogs (a bottlecap like game popular in the 1990s). The conclusion involves the fight stick the commercial is for. Near the end, the famous player Gootecks says "Pog Champions" to the camera. This would later become basis for "Pogchamp" and later "Pog".

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PogChamp Original Video | Cross Counter Bloopers! With Gootecks and Mike Ross, YouTube

  • A Miscellaneous that mentions "Pog."
  • A blooper reel from the Mad Catz promotional video. The two players sit with a green screen behind them. At just after two minutes, the camera is knocked by its handler and the players react. Gootecks face is immortalized in this moment.

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