What does Pobrecito mean?

A Spanish slang phrase that roughly translates to "Poor Little Buddy". Used to express empathy or compassion for someone in a bad situation.


Other definitions of Pobrecito:

  • A common Peruvian phrase (though used in many Latin countries), that is used when you see something bad happen to another person. Akin to saying "Oh, poor thing".
  • Means "Poor thing" or "Poor you" in Spanish. Used to express pity. However, user should beware that use can sound like "poor baby" and be infantilizing, depending on context/tone.

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How to use the term

  • *Person stubs their toe and screams*

    Me: Aww, pobrecito.

  • Ay, pobrecito. Better luck next time!

  • Aw, pobrecito. No le hagan más bullying.


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