What does Pansexual mean?

Refers to a person who's sexual orientation is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation.


Other definitions of Pansexual:

  • A combination of "pan-" meaning "everything or all" and "sexual" in regards to sexual orientation. Someone who can like everything under the sun.
  • Someone who's sexual orientation and attraction is not limited to any binary system. These people do not tend to limit themselves to only a few potentially attractive identities, instead considering every non-binary identity.
  • A sexual orientation that does not mean someone is attracted to EVERYBODY, but rather has not limited their attraction to only a small number of genders. This also does not mean their are poly-amorous, as they may be committed monogamously as well.

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How to use the term

  • As a pansexual, I would say that I'm not limited to just two options on a spectrum.

  • You could say I'm pansexual, or just pan for short. We have a flag and everything.

  • My daughter came out to us as pansexual. We were just happy she told us, because she seems so much happier since then.


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