What does PHAT mean?

An acronym that means several things including "Pretty Hot and Thick", "Pretty Hot and Tempting". Can also describe a positive "fat" or thicc.


Other definitions of PHAT:

  • An abbreviation that means "Pretty Handsome And Tall" — describes a potential partner that checks some boxes.
  • Means Pretty Hot And Tempting
  • An intentional misspelling of 'fat' that has positive connotations. Thick, but in a good way.

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How to use the term

  • You know what's really phat about her? Her resume. That girl has got some major cred and experience.

  • Well, he happens to be P.H.A.T., so I'll take it.

  • Dude, that cat is phat. Looks like he could cuddle like no other.

  • Phat girl and phat tires, we going all out.


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