Slang Terms Beginning with G

  • Giving Head

    Slang term for the act of conducting oral sex. The person receiving is "getting head".
  • Guapo

    A Spanish slang term meaning "handsome". Typically applied to males.
  • Giddy Up

    Slang for "get up" or "get ye up", often said to horse to inspire speed or haste. Has come to mean "Let's go" or "I'm in".
  • Grooming

    A slang term for the act of conditioning and training someone, usually over a long period, to do something specific. The act is used often to describe the act of preparing younger people for sexual acts.
  • G-Fazos

    A slang nickname for Nike Air Force 1 shoes, which are very popular in the hip-hop/rap community. This name was originally used by rapper G Herbo.
  • Guilty Pleasure

    A slang term for something you enjoy, but are embarrassed to admit you enjoy.
  • Goober

    A slang term for someone who is being silly. A no-harm-meant jab that is rather kindhearted and goofy.
  • Goo

    A slang term for a feeling of love/warmth, as in "turning into goo". Felt often after a happy hug or similar occasions.
  • Glory Hole

    A slang term for a hole made in a wall for a man to insert his penis through for the purpose of anonymous sexual acts with a partner on the other side.
  • Gekyume

    A slang term coined by the late American rapper XXXTentacion that means "higher plane of thought or being". He formed the word by using names from Kingdom Hearts, his favorite video game series. His girlfriend named their son after the word after his death in 2018.
  • Grifter

    A slang term for someone who uses dishonest methods to obtain money. These can include swindles, frauds, or unfair gambling tactics, much like a conman.
  • Ghosting

    A slang term for the act of cutting off all communication with someone without any warning beforehand. This can be for simple plans, or to end a relationship.
  • GGG

    An acronym that means "Good in bed, Giving equal time and equal pleasure, and Game for anything—within reason".
  • Gaslighting

    Refers to psychological abuse in which the victim is fed false information about reality, which leads them to doubt their own confidence and reality.
  • Gassed

    Overtly drunk.
  • Gag Me With a Spoon

    Used to show disgust.
  • Gravy

    Cool or positive; used especially in a "fine-by-me" tone.
  • Gnarly

    Hard or difficult.
  • GYSR

    Gosh, you're so random
  • GYST

    Get your Stuff Together
  • GYT

    Get Yourself Tested
  • GZ


    Go on
  • GWAS

    Game Was A Success

    God Willing And The Creek Don't Rise
  • GWC

    Guy With Camera
  • GWG

    Girl With Glasses

    Glad we had this little chat
  • GWI

    Get With It
  • GWM

    Gay White Male
  • GWP

    Gift With Purchase
  • GWR

    Guinness World Records
  • GWS

    Get Well Soon
  • GWTF

    Go With The Flow
  • GWTP

    Get with the program
  • GYAL


    Get Your Facts Right
  • GYFO

    Get Your Fanny Out

    Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass

    Guess You Had To Be There
  • GYO

    Get Your Own
  • GYPO

    a logger working by the piece or by the thousand (as in board feet) for a wage.
  • GTM

    Giggling To Myself
  • GTO

    basically, the coolest car ever created. It stands for Gran Turismo Omologato
  • GTOG

    Got To Go
  • GTP

    Got To Pee
  • GTR

    Got To Run

    Get 'er done
  • GTRM

    Going To Read Mail
  • GTS

    Usually an acronym for "Go to Sleep," used in online chat
  • GTSU

    Good To See You
  • GTSY

    Great To See You
  • GTW

    Got To Work
  • GUD

  • GUFN

    Grounded Until Further Notice
  • GUI

    Graphical User Interface
  • GUID

    Global Unique IDentifier
  • GV

    Good Vibes
  • GVN

  • GVV

    German Volunteer Votetakers
  • GVW

    Gross Vehicle Weight
  • GW

    good work

    Good Times Had By All
  • GTHO

    Get The Hell Out
  • GTI

    Grand Touring Injected
  • GTK

    Good To Know
  • GTF

    Gone too far
  • GTFA

    Get The Fuck Away

    Get The Fuck Away From Me
  • GTFB

    Get The Fuck Back
  • GTFH

    Go To Fucking Hell
  • GTFO

    get the fuck out

    Get The Fuck Out of Here

    Get The Fuck Over It

    Get The Fuck Off Me

    Get the Fuck out of here
  • GTFU

    Grow The Fuck Up
  • GTG

    got to go
  • GTGB

    Got to go bed
  • GTGN

    Got To Go Now
  • GTGP

    Got To Go Pee
  • GTH

    Go To Hell
  • GS

    Golden Shower
  • GSAD

    Go Suck A Dick

    Get Someone Else To Do It
  • GSH

    good sense of humour

    Giggling So Hard I Wet My Pants
  • GSM

    Global System for Mobile Communications

    Go Sit On A Snake
  • GSOH

    Great sense of humor
  • GST

    Goods and Services Tax
  • GSTQ

    God Save The Queen
  • GSW

    Got some weed

    Good Seeing You, Just Don't Wear Your Monkey Hat
  • GT

    Grand Touring
  • GT2T

    Got time to talk
  • GTA

    Grand Theft Auto

    Get That Ass Back On

    Glad To Be Of Help

    Glad To Be Of Service

    Glad To Be Of Some Help
  • GTD

    Gettting Things Done
  • GPRS

    General Packet Radio Services
  • GPS

    Global Positioning System
  • GPU

    graphics processing unit
  • GPW

    Global Password
  • GQ

    Gentlemen Quarterly
  • GQMF

    GQ Mother Fucker
  • GR

    Gotta Run
  • GR&D

    grinning, running and ducking
  • GR2BR

    Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish
  • GR8


  • GRE

    Graduate Record Examination

    Girls raised in the south
  • GRK

  • GRL

  • GRO

    Guest Relations Officer
  • GRRR


    Get Ready you Impudent Thing
  • Grunt

    A slang name for Marine or Army infantrymen. Its origin began during the WWII, and some joke it's an acronym that means "General Replacement Unit, Not Trained,"
  • GRWG

    Get right with God
  • GORM

    Gormless person
  • GORP

    Good old raisins and peanuts
  • GOS

    Girlfriend Over Shoulder

    Groaning On The Floor In Agony

    Got to
  • GOTY

    Game of the Year
  • GOU

    Good On You
  • GOW

    Gears of War
  • GOW2

    Gears of War 2
  • GOWI

    Go On With It
  • GOWM

    Go out with me

    to suffer from Mt. Gox’s technical glitches; to get screwed over by Mt. Gox; to lose all your money in a speculative investment like BitCoin

    Get Off Your High Horse
  • GP

    Go private
  • GPA

    Grade-point average
  • GPC

  • GPL

    General Public License
  • GPO

    Good for Parts Only
  • GPOY

    Gratuitous picture of yourself

    Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday
  • GNSD

    Good night, sweet dreams
  • GNST

    Good night, sleep tight

    Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
  • GOA

    Gone On Arrival
  • GOAT

    Greatest Of All Time


    Great oaks from little acorns grow
  • GOI

    Get Over It
  • GOK

    God Only Knows
  • GOL

    Groaning out loud
  • GOLF

    Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden
  • GOMB

    Get off my back
  • GOMD

    Guy Of My Dreams
  • GOML

    Get on my level

    Going to
  • GOOH

    Get Out Of Here

    Get out of my back yard

    Get Out Of My Life
  • GORG

  • GORK

    God Only Really Knows
  • GMBH

    Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung
  • GMC

    General Motors Corporation
  • GMF

    Got Me Fucked
  • GMH

    Gives Me Hope
  • GMO

    genetically modified organism
  • GMT

    (1) Getting Me Tight - getting upset, frustrated or angry at a person or situation.
  • GMTA

    Great Minds Think Alike

    Great Minds Think For Themselves
  • GMV

    Got my vote
  • GMY

    Good Man Yourself
  • GN

    A slang acronym for "Good Night", a way to bid someone a pleasant sleep.

    Got Nothing But Love For You
  • GND

    Girl Next Door
  • GNE

    Good Night and Everything
  • GNFB

    Good Night Facebook

    Good night

    Good night
  • GNO

    Guys Night Out
  • GNOC

    Get naked on camera
  • GNR

    Guns 'N Roses
  • GLIW

    Got Lost In Web
  • GLM

    Good looking Mum
  • GLNG

    Good luck next game
  • GLOG

    Go Look On Google

    Good Luck On The Rebuild
  • GLTA

    Good Luck to All
  • GLTD

    Generic Top Level Domain
  • GLTY

    Good Luck To You
  • GLU

    Guys Like Us

    God loves you and so do I

    Good Luck
  • GLWS

    Good Luck With Sale
  • GLWT

    Good luck with that

    God Loves You And So Do I
  • GM

    good move
  • GMAB

    Give Me A Break

    Give Me A Fucking Break

    Google web email service
  • GMAO

    giggling my ass off
  • GMAT

    Graduate Management Admission Test

    Go Jump In A Lake

    Go Jump Off A Cliff
  • GJP

    Good Job Partner
  • GK

    Good Kid
  • GKW

    God Knows What
  • GKY

    Go Kill Yourself
  • GL

    Good Looking.
  • GL/HF

    Good Luck, Have Fun
  • GL2U

    Good luck to you
  • GLA

    good luck all

    Get Lost Before You Get Hurt
  • GLBT

    Gay, lesbian, bi and transgender

    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning
  • GLD

    Good Life Decision
  • GLE

    Good Luck Everyone
  • GLF

    Group Looking For
  • GLG

    Goofy Little Grin
  • GLGH

    Good Luck and Good Hunting

    Good luck, have fun, talk to you later
  • GLIF

    GuideLine Interchange Format
  • GIB

    Good In Bed
  • GIC

    Gift In Crib

    Gosh, I can't believe that stuff

    Gosh, I cannot believe you
  • GIDK

    Gee I Don't Know
  • GIEF

  • GIF

    Graphics Interchange Format
  • GIG

    God is good
  • GIGO

    Garbage In, Garbage Out
  • GILF

    Usually means "Grandma I'd Like to F***"
  • GIMF

    Google It Mother Fucker

    Give me
  • GIRL

    Term used for a young female human, usually a child or adolescent.
  • GIRO

    Garbage In Rubbish Out
  • GIT

    Get over it

    Gee, I wish I said it

    Gee, I Wish I'd Said That
  • GIYD

    Google It You Dumbass
  • GIYF

    Google Is Your Friend
  • GJ

    good job
  • GFF

    Grenade Free Foundation
  • GFG

    Good Fucking Game
  • GFGI

    Go Fucking Google It
  • GFI

    Go For It
  • GFL

    Good Fucking Luck

    Good fences make good neighbours
  • GFN

    Gone For Now
  • GFON

    Good For One Night
  • GFR

    Good Fucking Riddance
  • GFY

    Go F*** Yourself
  • GG

    An acronym for "Good Game" — said at the end of a match, though it can be said prematurely as a taunt.
  • GHB

    Gamma Hydroxybutyrate
  • GHD

    Good Hair Day
  • GHF

    Gay Hispanic Female
  • GHM

    Gay Hispanic Male

    God helps those who help themselves
  • GI

    Government Issue
  • GIAG

    Give It A Go
  • GIAR

    Give It A rest
  • GIAT

    Give it a try
  • GD&WVF

    Grinning, Ducking and Walking Very Fast
  • GD/R

    Grinning, ducking and running
  • GDAY

    Good Day
  • GDGD

    Good Good
  • GDI

    God Damn It
  • GDR

    Grinning, ducking, running
  • GDW

    Grin Duck and Wave
  • GE

    good evening
  • GED

    General Educational Development
  • GEE

  • GEEZ

  • GEWD

  • GF

    An abbreviation of Girlfriend, usually a female significant other.
  • GFA

    Grenade Free America
  • GFAC

    Go Fuck A Cow
  • GFC

    Going For Coffee
  • GFD

    God Fucking Damnit
  • GFDI

    God Fucking Damn It
  • GFE

    Google Fucking Exists

    Grinning From Ear To Ear
  • GBP

    Great British Pounds
  • GBR

    Gotta Bitch Rolling
  • GBS

    General Bull Shit

    Get Back To Fucking Work
  • GBTM

    Get Back To Me

    Got better things to do
  • GBTW

    Get back to work
  • GBU

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • GBWM

    Get back with me
  • GBY

    God bless you

    God Bless You and Yours
  • GC

    Groovy cat
  • GCF

    Good Clean Fun
  • GCMS

    Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
  • GCSE

    General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • GD

    Good Day
  • GD&H

    Grinning, Ducking and Hiding
  • GD&R

    grinning, ducking and running
  • GD&RF

    Grinning, Ducking and Running Fast
  • GD&W

    Grinning, Ducking & Weaving
  • GAT

  • GATS

    General Agreements on trade in services
  • GATT

    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade



    Go ahead, whet my appetite
  • GAY


    Gay Radar
  • GB

    Great Britain
  • GBF

    Gay Black Female
  • GBFF

    Gay Best Friend Forever
  • GBFN

    Goodbye For Now
  • GBG

    Great Big Grin
  • GBGB

    Gastric bypass gone bad
  • GBH

    grievous bodily harm
  • GBH&K

    Great Big Hug And Kiss

    Great Big Hug And Kiss For You
  • GBM

    Gay Black Male
  • GBML

    Good Bye My Love
  • GBNF

    Gone But Not Forgotten
  • GAFM

    Get Away From Me

    Get A Fucking Move On
  • GAG

    Got any gossip
  • GAJ

    Get A Job
  • GAL

    Get A Life

    Give A Little Get A Little

    Get A Load of Her

    Get A Load of Him
  • GALL

    Get a life loser

    Go away, leave me alone
  • GALP

    Get A Life Program
  • GAM

    Gay Asian Male

    Go Ahead Make My Day
  • GAN

    Global Area Network
  • GANB

    Getting Another Beer
  • GANK

    Gang kill
  • GAP

    Got A Pic
  • GAS

    Greetings and Salutations
  • GASB

    Government Accounting Standards Board
  • GASP

    Go Away, Silly Person
  • G2LKB

    Got To Leave Keyboard
  • G2P

    Got To Pee
  • G2PB

    Got to pee badly
  • G2R

    got to run
  • G2S

    Go To Sleep
  • G2TU

    Got to tell you
  • G3

    Group of Three
  • G4I

    Go For It
  • G4N

    Good For Nothing
  • G4U

    Good For You
  • G8

  • G8R

  • G9

  • GA

    Good afternoon
  • GAB

    Getting A Beer

    Gruppe Area Brett Echo Liste Newsgroup
  • GAC

    Guilty As Charged
  • GAF

    Gay Asian Female
  • GAFC

    Get a fucking clue

    Get Away From It All
  • G

    An abbreviation of the word gangster. This term grew in popularity within the 1990s hip-hop community.
  • G’DAY

    Good Day
  • G/F

  • G/G

    Gotta go
  • G1

    good one
  • G2B

    Go To Bed
  • G2C

    Government To Citizen
  • G2E

    Got To Eat
  • G2F

    Got To Fly
  • G2G

    G2G means Got To Go; which can refer to someone needing to leave or also the need to go to the bathroom
  • G2G2B

    Got To Go To Bed
  • G2GIAM

    Got to go in a minute
  • G2GLYS

    Got To Go Love Ya So
  • G2GP

    Got to go pee
  • G2H

    Go to Hell
  • G2L

    Got to Leave