What does Glory Hole mean?

A slang term for a hole made in a wall for a man to insert his penis through for the purpose of anonymous sexual acts with a partner on the other side.

Glory Hole

Other definitions of Glory Hole:

  • A hole made in a wall that a person sticks their penis through so that other people can do things to it on the other side.
  • A popular fetish in which a man sticks his penis through a whole of a separation and has sexual acts conducted on his member. The anonymity provides both partners an element of excitement, and the holes are usually located in somewhat scrupulous locations, like adult stores or truck stops.
  • Holes made in stall walls or room dividers that men will stick their penis through. Members on the other side are free to do whatever they want on the other side.

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How to use the term
Glory Hole:

  • Does this bathroom stall have a gloryhole? Oh, wow. Yes it does!

  • How many of you have even seen a glory hole in real life?

  • Oh, nice. This glory-hole has duct tape on it to prevent chaffing.


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