What does G-Fazos mean?

A slang nickname for Nike Air Force 1 shoes, which are very popular in the hip-hop/rap community. This name was originally used by rapper G Herbo.

Other definitions of G-Fazos:

  • Nike Air Force 1's. A stylish pair of athletic shoes. The phrase gained popularity after becoming part of a TikTok meme, which involved a child rapper using the phrase in a song that was sampled.

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How to use the term

  • Yo, are those the new G-Fazos? Daaaamn they look good.

  • I got them all white G-Fazos on my feeeeeet.

Video related to G-Fazos


She Just Want My Love So She Gone Love Meeeeeeeeee - TikTok Compilation | YouTube

  • A Meme that mentions "G-Fazos."
  • A compilation of TikToks that use the audio clip of a young child rapper. In the clip, he references how much pull his all-white G-Fazos (on his feet) give him. He is referring to his all white Nike Air Force Ones.

  • Check it Out

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