What does GN mean?

A slang acronym for "Good Night", a way to bid someone a pleasant sleep.

Other definitions of GN:

  • When someone is so sleepy that they can't even type out the phrase "good night"
  • A shortened version of goodnight that is popular in chat/messaging and online games
  • Can be an acronym meaning "Get naked", as an attempt to get someone ready for sexual intercourse.
  • Gender neutral
  • Grammar nazi
  • Graphic novel
  • G'n, as in hanging out with your friends or "ganging".
  • Give nudes, a bad petition for sexual images.

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How to use the term

  • Person 1: Hey are you in on this Pimp my Ride 24-hour marathon?
    Person 2: No, GN

  • I'll see you tomorrow morning. GN!

  • I'm logging off the night guys, GN

  • I've been looking forward to seeing you in my room for awhile. GN.

  • I always knew that I didn't identify with "boys" or "girls" toys growing up. Thus, the GN look.

  • Dude, chill. I'll try to use the oxford comma more; don't be a GN.

  • I see you got some new Image publishing GN in stock.

  • Oh, you know we out here, g'n all night, baby.

  • Please, I'm desperate, GN.


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