What does Goober mean?

A slang term for someone who is being silly. A no-harm-meant jab that is rather kindhearted and goofy.

Other definitions of Goober:

  • Somebody who is a goofball and likes having fun. The term can communicate your lighthearted feelings for that person.
  • A food product that is peanut butter and jelly in the same container, known for its high sugar content. Notably, this name is likely due to peanuts being called goobers in early America.
  • An older slang term for peanut, which used to go by "Goober peas" or "earth nut".

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How to use the term

  • They were being such a goober. It was cute.

  • You're being a goober.

  • Pick up some Goober grape and some bread and we can make PB&Js.

  • Those soldiers had to survive on goobers for months.


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