What does Gaslighting mean?

Refers to psychological abuse in which the victim is fed false information about reality, which leads them to doubt their own confidence and reality.


Other definitions of Gaslighting:

  • The purposeful misleading and misdirection that is meant to slowly drive someone insane. The term originates from a 1940's stage-play in which a husband convinces his wife she is insane.
  • Manipulating someone's life and surroundings in the attempt to make them doubt their reality.
  • This term refers to lying someone overtime to convince them that their insane. A older stage play involved a husband slowing altering the gas lights within their home and lying to his wife about how he hadn't noticed any change in the light.

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How to use the term

  • He was trying to gaslight me, so I dumped him.

  • Gaslighting is very real, and if you think someone is trying to do it to you, talk to your friends or family about it.

  • I can tell you're trying to gaslight me, and that's emotional abuse. We're done.


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