What does Ghosting mean?

A slang term for the act of cutting off all communication with someone without any warning beforehand. This can be for simple plans, or to end a relationship.


Other definitions of Ghosting:

  • Slang for the act of watching an online streamer who you are currently playing against in a video game. Most often in strategy games, this allows asymmetrical knowledge which can lead to an advantage. This is bad sportsmanship.
  • Cutting off all communication with someone via online platforms or texts. The name comes from how the person appears to have died to the other person.
  • Disappearing or cancelling plans so suddenly, that it would make sense that somebody has died.
  • Rarely, this can refer to the act of pooping so quickly and with such force, that the fecal matter disappears down the toilet before flushing occurs.

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How to use the term

  • Are you ghosting me? I see that you're active online; you must be ignoring me.

  • There's no way this player should have anticipated my move. They're ghosting my stream.

  • I've been ghosted by so many people from this app. I think they're ghosting me after I tell them about my love of uncooked hotdogs.

  • I'm telling you I didn't flushing. It must have been ghosting.

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