What does GG mean?

An acronym for "Good Game" — said at the end of a match, though it can be said prematurely as a taunt.


Other definitions of GG:

  • Short for Good Game. The term gained popularity from video game culture, particularly the strategy game StarCraft, where it is said at the end of a fairly played match.
  • Means good game. Usually typed out near the end of a match as a means to offer surrender from the loser of the game, but can be used offensively by a mean-spirited player to incite rage.
  • An acronym that stands for "Good game". Almost like a handshake at the end of an online match that acknowledges the end of the game, however, it's use is so prolific, it is often used in real life.

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How to use the term

  • Time to throw out the GG. They've taken out almost all of my pylons, and I'm running out of space on the map.

  • GG. You played well, but you can't stand my next onslaught.

  • Throw out some ggs, because that was some of the best play I've ever seen.

Video related to GG


StarCraft: Story of GG

  • A Miscellaneous that mentions "GG."
  • A Blizzard produced short that goes over the explosive growth in Korea of the RTS video game StarCraft, where the term "GG" laid its roots.

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