What does Chunky mean?

A slang term for anything or anyone who is slightly plump to dangerously fat.

Other definitions of Chunky:

  • Can describe something that is "in chunks" or thick lumps.
  • Can refer to any data stream that is having trouble loading and only presents in short segments, like when a video only plays a few seconds at a time.
  • May refer to something that is "phat" or "cool"; another term that has transitioned from often negative to slightly positive, depending on context.
  • A description term for anyone that is thick or dense. This can either refer to fat or extremely muscular.
  • Sometimes, in music, can refer to extremely low or dirty sounding notes or phrases.

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How to use the term

  • Oh, wow. He's looking chunky though.

  • This smoothie isn't blended enough, it's chunky.

  • Is YouTube loading chunky for you?

  • Dude, that beanie is chunky! Where'd you get it? I'd order one.

  • Hitting the gym, trying to get chunky.

  • Dude was playing some chunky bass solos.


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