What does Weeaboo mean?

A derogatory slang term for a non-Japanese person obsessed with Japanese culture. Began seeing use on forums in the early 2000s, and originated from Wapanese, which can mean White or Wannabe Japanese.

Other definitions of Weeaboo:

  • A nickname for someone who is obsessive with Japanese content, especially culture exports like Anime or Manga.
  • A foreigner fanatic of Japanese Anime or Manga, who believes they're consuming the highest art, even if it's made for young boys in Japan.
  • A nonsense word from a Perry Bible Fellowship webcomic. The word has replaced "Wapanese" or "Wannabe-Japanese", an insult term for people who desperately wish they could have been born Japanese.

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How to use the term

  • I showed him one episode of Naruto and he became a complete weeaboo.

  • What's up, weeaboo? How's that figurine collection coming along?

  • Weeaboos who are obsessed with dating someone of a specific race are kind of creepy, ya know?

  • This comic convention is secretly a weeaboo convention, isn't it?


Weeaboo, a 2005 "The Perry Bible Fellowship" Web-comic

  • A Miscellaneous Item that mentions "Weeaboo."
  • A short four panel comic that is rumored to be the originator of the term "weeaboo", from which "weeb" originated.

  • Check it Out

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