What does Wallflower mean?

A slang term for an introverted or antisocial person at a party who clings to the walls to avoid attention. The name originates from flower of the same name that grows within cracks on walls.


Other definitions of Wallflower:

  • A shy or quiet person at a party who attempts to avoid attention by keeping their back against the wall. Named after the wallflower, which can grow out of walls. Several bands have used it as their name or to name albums.
  • Appreciative of being invited to a party, a wallflower is a person who is content to observing the social space from the comfort of the wall, where they will remain quiet unless talked to directly.
  • An introvert who is quietly observing a party from the wall, much like how wallflowers grow from rock walls. The title "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", written by Stephen Chbosky, uses the word and focuses on shy teenager.

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How to use the term

  • After grabbing some snacks from the tray, I became a wallflower until I eventually left.

  • Come on! You're being a wallflower. We're about to play a board game that I want you to try.

  • Ever the wallflower, she focused on her navel for most of the soiree.

  • You make a handsome wallflower, perched up, watching us from afar. Come, partake in our merriment.


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