What does Rebound mean?

A slang term for a relationship that forms directly after another relationship has ended, as a way to emotionally get over or fill the gap between.


Other definitions of Rebound:

  • To use someone to get over an ex-partner after a break up. Usually occurs right after the past relationship, as a way to avoid the pain of the break up.
  • In basketball, refers to retrieving the ball after a missed field goal or free throw. Most likely, this is defensive, as the defending team likely has the better positions, but this can be offensive, leading to more opportunities to score.
  • Can refer to the reemergence of symptoms after quitting or lowering dosage of medication. Often, the symptom's severity is worse than pretreatment levels.
  • Using a relationship that occurs right after a nasty breakup to "get over" your previous partner.

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How to use the term

  • Oh, am I just your rebound?

  • I don't know what my ex is up to, but I know they rebounded pretty hard.

  • Some shorter guards can be excellent rebounders as well such as point guard Jason Kidd who led the New Jersey Nets in rebounding for several years.

  • What you're experiencing is rebounding. The insomnia is back, but you have to trust me as your physician, you cannot keep up that dosage.

  • I know you're taking the break up pretty bad, so let's go get you a rebound.

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  • A 2009 film starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as the victim of an adulterous husband. She decides to take her life back and have a little fun by engaging in a rebound relationship.

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