What does Clingy mean?

Slang term for a person in a relationship who is obsessive and will not leave their partner alone, even after receiving hints.


Other definitions of Clingy:

  • A slang term descriptor for something or someone that refuses to let go of their object of interest. This can be a partner in a relationship, a friend, or a comforting item.
  • From cling, which means stick to, this describes something holds too tightly and will not un-stick easily.
  • Sticky or adherent, often to a fault. Hard to get rid of.
  • A girlfriend/boyfriend that refuses to take hints and sticks around too long. Their obsession leads them to call too much, always sing your praises, or show up all the time.

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How to use the term

  • Argh. They're being so clingy. Yuck.

  • I'm not being clingy! We're in love!

  • Ew. Is your partner being clingy too?

  • This sweater is so clingy. I should have packed my jacket.


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