What does Minx mean?

A slang term for a flirtatious, cheeky, or mischievous woman.

Other definitions of Minx:

  • A flirtatious girl or young lady who is alluring and seductive.
  • A seductive temptress of a woman who will play with your heart so easily, it'll leave you chilled.
  • A pert or flirtatious young woman. Originated in use since the mid-1500s, perhaps from the Low German minsk or Mensch.
  • A nickname for an Irish YouTuber and Twitch streamer that goes by JustaMinx.

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How to use the term

  • She was a bonafide minx. She caught everyone's attention, and kept it.

  • Look minx, I'm not falling for your games here. Give it to me straight, or hit the road.

  • You think you're such a minx, but in reality, you're nothing but a low-down, dirty rat.

  • Minx is going live! What is she going to stream this time?


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