What does Hook Up mean?

A slang term that usually refers to the act of having sexual intercourse, though it can be more tame and indicate making out or meeting up.

Hook Up

Other definitions of Hook Up:

  • A term that can refer to the act of purchasing drugs. Can indicate the act or the person who is distributing the illicit goods. This use has been adapted to refer to less taboo goods and may be applied to any purchase of hard-to-find goods.
  • May refer to the activity of connecting — when two objects are connected, they are "hooked up", as with a circuit, a network, or attaching two cars. From the early 1990s, where it came from the knitting technique.
  • Can sometimes refer to a coalition, alliance, or association of collective bodies.

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How to use the term
Hook Up:

  • I thought we were just watching that new Netflix series, but it turns out they wanted to hook up. We did end up watching some of it though.

  • Who's your hookup for bud? Maybe they could hook me up with something more mellow.

  • Hook up the two carts in the back and then we can head out.

  • A hookup of these smaller nations could lead to more powerful bargaining at the next meeting.


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