What does <3 mean?

A emoticon that looks like a heart when viewed sideways. This expresses love.

Other definitions of <3:

  • Symbol for heart, typed out on a keyboard. Can have a slash through it (
  • Love (heart shape)
  • An emoticon of a classic heart shape. May be referenced as "less than three", like "I less than three you".
  • Keyboard drawing of a heart. Could also be testicles.

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How to use the term

  • Person 1: Say I love you.
    Person 2: I <3 U Person 1: Thanks.

  • Henry,

    I hope my missives have found you on the war front and that you are well. I long for your touch, and eagerly await your return. The cicada's song reminds me of our long walks together, in the heat, talking of the future that awaits us.

    <3... Mary

  • Oh, I <3 that. Let's do that.

  • lol i told u, i'm a <3 surgeon! just pwned a triple bypASS


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