What does Hump Day mean?

A slang term for the middle of the work week. Like a hill, half the week is behind you, and it's all downhill from here. Usually Wednesdays.

Hump Day

Other definitions of Hump Day:

  • Wednesday, which is the conventional middle day of the working week.
  • If the work week was a trek across a mountain, Wednesday would be the peak. It's the hardest day, but Thursday and Friday just feel like downhill coasting.
  • The middle of the week, which is Wednesday. Coworkers will point out this occurrence as a form of friendly watercooler talk.

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How to use the term
Hump Day:

  • Another hump day in the bag — the rest of the week should be easy from here.

  • Let's make it through humpday and then talk about the closing reports.

  • Hey stranger. Just coming over to your cubicle to let you know we could still trade the Hump Day shift you wanted.


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