What does Haymaker mean?

Refers to a powerful punch where the arm is flung with full force, mimic the motion of swinging a scythe.


Other definitions of Haymaker:

  • An often reckless punch thrown by whipping the fist outward toward an opponent. Aims to conclude the fight, while providing very little defensive merits.

  • A somewhat wild punch that involves swinging a full-force punch on the opponents side, which if left unprotected may result in a damaging blow.

  • While literally it can mean a person who harvest and works with hay/wheat, it usually refers to the powerful, offensive punch that is meant to knockout the opponent.

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How to use the term Haymaker:

  • The boxer threw a haymaker in an attempt to quickly finish the fight.

  • Watch out for the opponent's haymaker. They've got long arms, so they may try and go for one.

  • He's going to go for more haymakers in the next round. He can't go for too many more.

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