What does Chechclear mean?

A reference to a brutal video that was spread in the early 2000s of a Russian soldier being beheaded by Chechen jihadists.


Other definitions of Chechclear:

  • A video of Chechen soldiers cutting and dismembering a young Russian soldier that took place in 1996. The video was later sold to the Russian media and televised, though it is considerably more difficult to find now.
  • A reference to a video of a brutal execution of a Russian soldier by Chechen rebels. The original file name is rumored to be "chechclear.asf" when it was sold to Russian media outlets.
  • A very hard-to-watch execution video filmed from the perspective of Chechen insurgents who are killing a young Russian soldier. Working copies are difficult to find today, and the name "chechclear" is used to spread Jihadist propaganda online.

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How to use the term

  • I knew I was too young to be seeing the chechclear video at the time, and it has transformed my attitude to violence since.

  • Working copies of the chechclear video are hard to find nowadays, as many are grainy or do not have the original audio, which is said to be the hardest part of the whole film.

  • The executioner, soldiers, and person filming the chechclear video have not been identified.


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