What does Findom mean?

A slang portmanteau of the words financial domination. This refers to a domination fetish in which a power dynamic of finances between people is catalyst of play. This includes practices like allowances or surrendering control of funds.


Other definitions of Findom:

  • A merge of the two words financial and domination. Financial domination is a BDSM practices that involves the exchange of money or wealth during play.
  • Stands for FINancial DOMination, in which adults, whether actually or only acting, involve money and its power dynamic in sex and foreplay.

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How to use the term

  • We've been practicing some findom stuff. She gives me an allowance for all the hard work I put in.

  • So you're interested in some findom? I can hold onto your cards for you, if that helps.

  • There's a difference between findom and just paying someone online for their nudes. But, everyone has their kicks.


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