What does Dutch Oven mean?

A slang term for the act of farting under a blanket, trapping it to surprise someone with later.

Other definitions of Dutch Oven:

  • When you fart underneath a bed covering as to cook it and launch it at your partner when they come to the bed.
  • Making an airtight fort with blankets and then farting in it, cooking your own hot gasses. Named after the kitchenware item used for cooking stews.
  • Can refer to trapping a fart under a blanket, but it can also be trapping someone under a blanket, and then farting inside it. Should be playful, and not too malicious.

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How to use the term
Dutch Oven:

  • When I come to bed, they keep trying to Dutch oven me.

  • If you've never Dutch Oven'd each other, do you know they're the one?

  • I've got a good Dutch Oven going over here.

  • Look out for her Dutch ovens. She's lethal.


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