What does DERP mean?

A slang term that is a inarticulate response to any foolish or awkward comment or action.


Other definitions of DERP:

  • A person who is stupid or foolish. An alteration of the phrase "duh" or "der" that began seeing use in the 1990s.
  • A derp is a dumbass and a derpina is a girl dumbass.

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How to use the term

  • Oh, derp. That one doesn't go in there. Sorry about that.

  • Derp derp. That was stupid of me.

  • What a derp, he just ran over the sidewalk

Video related to DERP


Bassjackers & MAKJ - DERP (Official Video) | Hysteria Records, YouTube

  • A Song that mentions "DERP."
  • A 2014 EDM track entitled "DERP".

    Often in rave/dance culture, people are encouraged to act silly or foolish, expressing themselves with crazy dances or outlandish outfits. The song serves as a reminder to those people to let it go and have fun.

    The video includes a short segment in which the recording artists featured are saying "der" and "derp" to the camera.

  • Check it Out

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