What does Daddy mean?

While this slang term can be applied to a father figure, it is likely referring to a sexual partner who is dominate and older.


Other definitions of Daddy:

  • An extension of the word "dad", which refers to a father figure.
  • A sexually oriented name for a man, particularly older men. Much as women can take monikers like "good girl" or "princess" during sexual relations, a dominate partner can take this kinky patriarchal name.
  • Though it may have innocent overtones, this sexual term refers to the dominate partner in a daddy kink or other family roleplay situation.
  • Originally meaning "pimp", use of this term to refer to male dominant owners has been in use since the late 1600s.
  • Can refer to the largest, oldest, or best of something or someone.

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How to use the term

  • "Who's your daddy?"

  • Daddy! I want to go to the park today, you promised!

  • This here is the daddy of all monster trucks, Bigfoot.


Conception of a Question: Who's Your Daddy?, Washington Post

  • A Website that mentions "Daddy."
  • This brief 2005 article goes into the history of the word "daddy", explaining its origin and use by commercials and Country music stars. Since the writing of this article, the term has only grown in popularity.

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