What does CUNT mean?

A vulgar slang for vagina or vulva that can used as a disparaging insult for a woman. Severity differs by culture.


Other definitions of CUNT:

  • A reference to a woman's genitals. This word has many origins like kunta in Old Norse, and the Hindu Goddess of female beauty Kunti. Generally offensive.
  • A ladies nether region, but also a dehumanizing insult to women.
  • An Old English word for vagina.

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How to use the term CUNT:

  • Despite all the best intentions by prolific feminists to reclaim the word cunt, it still shocks and horrifies women when it's used.

  • Grandma hasn't really talked to her ever since she called her a cunt. Yikes.

  • Who was that poet that said "And her cunt was a common shore?" What an awful diss.

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