What does Cuff mean?

A slang term for being in a monogamous relationship, and may refer to publicly announcing the relationship.


Other definitions of Cuff:

  • Refers to being handcuffed, whether literally or somehow being bound by station or marriage status.
  • The act of cuffing involves being overprotective/paranoid about a romantic relationship, to the point where you're making sure others know your partner is "claimed" and policing their behavior.
  • Hold someone down with a monogamous relationship.
  • To enter a long term relationship, which often starts during "cuffing season", a colder time of year where people are willing to settle down.

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How to use the term

  • I'm not waiting for someone to cuff me. I'm enjoying my freedom.

  • He was cuffing me too hard. He kept talking about holding me down and making sure I wasn't talking to other guys.

  • You trying to cuff me? Uh, no.

  • Me? I ain't cuffin' nobody.

  • All my friends went into hibernation during cuffing season.


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