What does Crossdresser mean?

A term referring to a person dressing in clothes normally associated with different genders. Crucially, the term does not imply body or gender dysphoria, and should not be applied to transgender individuals.


Other definitions of Crossdresser:

  • The hobby of donning clothing meant for others outside your gender identity, often as a form of self expression. Has no connection with gender identification — though the term is most often applied to heterosexual men dressing in traditionally women's clothing.
  • Wearing accessories or complete outfits that are comprised of items traditionally marketed to another gender than your own. "Crossing" the conventional barriers with your "dress".

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How to use the term

  • I found out I was into crossdressing when I was pretty young. My sisters would let me try on their clothes.

  • The term is completely imbalanced: crossdressing in men's clothing for a female is considered quite normalized, but a man in a dress is often regarded as a joke.


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