What does Chill mean?

A versatile slang word that means calm, relaxed, easy-going, or cool, as well as a hang out.


Other definitions of Chill:

  • When used to describe a person, place, or thing, typically means relaxed or level-headed, with no ill intentions. Can be a verb that means to "relax or hang out" together.
  • Either is a descriptive term that means cool and not in-your-face, or can be a way to ask someone to relax.
  • An expression that means cool or relaxed. Can refer to sexual relations if paired with specific task, like "Netflix and chill".

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How to use the term

  • Just chill for a second while I defuse this bomb. You're stressing me out.

  • These beats are just chill enough for me to study.

  • We're going back to the house and then we're just gunna chill.


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