What does Cancel mean?

A slang term for the act of any collective deciding that a person or brand goes against their own ideologies, and therefore decide to no longer endorse or consume their output or ideas.

Other definitions of Cancel:

  • To abandon a content creator because the have or are committing an act that goes against your own values.
  • Refers to the act of canceling subscriptions or attention giving to any person or company that has been exposed on social media as endorsing or support something against your values.
  • To reject or get rid of something, due to past misconducts or current misgivings.
  • Essentially, culturally boycotting something that you do not agree with.

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How to use the term

  • Some people seem to be begging to get cancelled.

  • Cancel culture is the byproduct of giving individuals a platform to express strong opinions and expose past actions of terrible people.

  • Both sides are guilty of finding things to be cancelled.

  • I wonder if any companies are trying to get other companies cancelled to boost their own earnings.

  • Oh, hey. We probably shouldn't watch this. That actor was cancelled for all that terrible stuff he said.

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