What does Butt mean?

A slang term for buttocks, which is rump or bottom of an animal. From the nautical buttocks, the lower portion of the rear of a ship.


Other definitions of Butt:

  • The end or behind of an object, especially if it's thicker, larger, or blunt. Can be the unused end of an object (like a cigarette).
  • When referring to butchery, a cut of meat from the upper part of a shoulder, usually from pork.
  • A reference to the lower portion of a human, where the back meets the legs. Signified by two fleshy protuberances and an opening where they are cleft.
  • Another name for buttocks or ass, which many animals have. Can be used as a jocular nickname for someone who is misbehaving or acting uncouth.

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How to use the term

  • Ouch. I fell on my butt.

  • Place the lamp on its butt, otherwise it may fall.

  • Give me a couple pounds of pork butt, and half a dozen bacon strips.

  • Did you just touch my butt?

  • Don't be such a butt and just try it.


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