What does IYKYK mean?

Acronym meaning "if you know you know"; used often as #iykyk, to demonstrate a tweet will only be understood by a select few.


Other definitions of IYKYK:

  • If You Know, You Know.
  • An inclusive term that means "if you know, you know". Usually attached at the end of a social media post that will only resonate with a few followers, who will all feel like they're "in the know".
  • A hashtag that is attached to tweets that will only appeal to people who know something relevant, yet semi-secret. "If you know, you know".

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How to use the term

  • The end of that movie was nuts #iykyk

  • We're gunna meet at the usual spot for the party tonight. IYKYK

  • Check out this esoteric, comedic image! #IYKYK


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