What does And I oop mean?

A viral phrase from a video by Drag Queen Jasmine Masters. In the video, Masters accidentally hits their genitals and says in surprise "And I oop...". The phrase has become a slang response for any shocking or surprising event.

And I oop

Other definitions of And I oop:

  • While originally from a Jasmine Masters video where they are surprised, the phrase has been meme'd by VSCO girls on TikTok as a sort of catchall expression, often used as filler.

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How to use the term
And I oop:

  • And I oop... oh. I just hit my balls. One second.

  • And I oop, and I oop. Sksksk, this my new hydroflask. And I oop.

Video related to And I oop


Jasmine Masters AND I OOP

  • A Meme that mentions "And I oop."
  • The original video where Jasmine Masters has the ball accident and utters the phrase "And I oop".

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Sksksk and I oop and I oop

  • A Meme that mentions "And I oop."
  • One of the earliest and most concentrated VSCO girl memes, masterfully showing off the appropriate use of the phrase "And I oop".

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