What does Wifey mean?

A slang term for a very special woman in your life, somebody you consider a life partner and would always be by your side.

Other definitions of Wifey:

  • Similar to a hubby, this is a significant other that you're destined to be with.
  • Depending on context, can be a condescending way to refer to a person's wife — often used to mock someone exhibiting stereotypical housewife behaviors.
  • A Scottish slang term for an older or uneducated woman.
  • Used to describe someone who is wife material, meaning they're stellar and fantastic in a myriad of ways.

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How to use the term

  • She's definitely my wifey.

  • Guys, I think I just met my wifey. I gotta go get her number!

  • I bet it's nice having your little wifey running around, grabbing you beers and cleaning up after you, ya pig.

  • Wifey up tae high doh!

  • Say you'll be my wifey.

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Next - Wifey (Video Version) | NextVEVO, YouTube

  • A Song that mentions "Wifey."
  • "Wifey" is a song by American R&B trio Next, from their second studio album Welcome II Nextasy in the year 2000. The song peaked at number one on the R&B singles chart after its release.

    The song includes the members of Next singing praises of women who they consider wife material.

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