What does What It Do mean?

A slang expression that translates to the expressions "how's it going?" or "what's up?"

What It Do

Other definitions of What It Do:

  • An expression that is equivalent to "what's up" — this Black vernacular expression gained popularity as a friendly greeting. The inquiry can be appended with nicknames to give an even more familiar tone (i.e. "What it do, baby?")
  • Another way to ask what's up or how are things going.
  • A colloquialism that equates to "how have you been?".

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How to use the term
What It Do:

  • Yo. What it do?

  • Man, I haven't seen you in forever. What it do, brother?

  • Hey hey. What it do, baby?

Video related to What It Do


What it do baby

  • A Miscellaneous that mentions "What It Do."
  • A clip of NBA star Kahwi Leonard that has become a meme about sliding into your ex's DMs or hitting up a new crush. The video originates from a Snapchat video posted by teammate Serge Ibaka.

    Often, the clip of Leonard is isolated to just the "What it do, baby?" part, and posted as a call-response meme on websites like Twitter.

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