What does WAT mean?

An inquisitive reply to something nonsensical. Like "What?" but more punch and easier to type.


Other definitions of WAT:

  • A succinct response to something truly confounding.
  • A modification of the word "what". Like another modification "wut", the term expresses that you are dumbfounded.
  • A "what" like response that is frequently used on message boards, texts, or social media to express confusion or displeasure to something shocking or outrageous.
  • An intentional misspelling of the word "what". The word is left uncapitalized and without punctuation to emphasize the confusion.

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How to use the term

  • Person 1: Check out this disgusting cringe post I saw earlier.
    Person 2: wat

  • What?! Seriously, like what the heck? I mean, like, wat

  • wat

  • Now that's wat I call music.


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