What does TWERKING mean?

A slang term for a booty-focused dance style that involves shaking and gyrating the rear end.

Other definitions of TWERKING:

  • A dance style that focuses on shaking your butt/ass. A combination of the words twist and jerk, the slang also rhymes with "work", which applies, as the dance is often associated with making money.
  • A dance associated with hip-hop or pop music that emphasizes the buttocks by thrusting or shaking in a squatting or bent-over position.
  • To move around, usually dancing, in a rhythmic but somewhat sexual way; provocative dancing made famous by Miley Cyrus in her infamous on-stage performance

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How to use the term

  • We went to a twerking dance club and had so much fun!

  • I paid my way through college by selling twerking videos online.

  • Start twerking for me! Make that money!

  • You got to keep... twerking... twerk, twerk, twerk.

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City Girls - Twerk ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video) | City Girls, YouTube

  • A Song that mentions "TWERKING."
  • A 2019 single by American rappers City Girls, featuring Cardi B.

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