What does Tramp Stamp mean?

A derogatory slang term for a tattoo placed on the lower back, just above the butt.

Tramp Stamp

Other definitions of Tramp Stamp:

  • A tattoo just above one's ass. The placement is rumored to be indicative of promiscuous behavior, and therefore suggests trampiness.
  • A lower-back tattoo, which gained popularity in the late 1990s alongside the mass appeal of low-rise jeans and crop tops. These tattoos are said indicate heightened sexuality.
  • A stigmatized tattoo location on the lower back, predominately appearing on women. Given the tattoo's location, to many, it has come to express an over-active sex drive. It's placement is highly visible during certain positions, including doggy-style.
  • A slang name from a tattoo that appears on the lower back, just above the pant line. Often stylized with tribal markings, butterflies, and flowers, the style was popularized in the mid-1990s, alongside low cut jeans. It quickly fell out of favor, as the general public shamed and teased the tattoo to death.

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How to use the term
Tramp Stamp:

  • Tramp stamps were everywhere in the late 90s. To be honest, I kind of miss them.

  • Her tramp stamp had a blend of filigree, spirals, and butterflies, showing off her personal style.

  • I got a great view of his tramp stamp last night.

  • Making tramp stamps damp, if you know what I mean.

  • You getting a tramp stamp tattoo doesn't bother me. It would be you regretting it, so make sure you get a nice design.

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  • A TV Show that mentions "Tramp Stamp."
  • A commercial for a fictional product that removes lower back tattoos or "tramp stamps".

    The skit indicates people will regret their lower-back tattoos later in life, and thus, should remove them with a spread.

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