What does Slide into the DMs mean?

A slang reference to the act of transitioning a public conversation into direct messages (DM), often in the pursuit of sex.

Slide into the DMs

Other definitions of Slide into the DMs:

  • Sending direct messages on social media platforms to try to get a person to like you.
  • Smoothly taking a conversation into a more intimate space, like direct messages, where it's just a 1-on-1.
  • Sending someone direct messages online, often to inappropriately petition them for sexual pursuits.

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How to use the term
Slide into the DMs:

  • If you're trying to get in my pants, can we at least slide into the DMs first?

  • You creep! You slid right into the DMs, huh?

  • That boy tried to slide into DMs right away. No way, dude.


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