What does NECKBEARD mean?

A slang term for an entitled, nerdy man who has an inability to pick up on social cues and comes off as arrogant and ungroomed.

Other definitions of NECKBEARD:

  • The stereotypical depiction of a self-important nerd or geek that cannot shave correctly and has a beard on their neck. Often overly-zealous about their fandoms and assumes everyone is on their side.
  • An early 2000s slang term for a geek or nerd that is off-putting and overbearing. Frequently depicted as unkempt and as assholes.
  • Can refer to a beard that is only grown on the neck, while keeping the face and cheeks clear of facial hair.
  • A grotesque caricature of a fedora wearing, misogynistic, unhygienic, basement-dwelling, nerdy men who have an over-inflated sense of self worth and believe women are for subservience and domination. Closely related to incels.

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How to use the term

  • I'm getting out of here. There are way too many neckbeards here.

  • It's a shame when your favorite game or show has a neckbeard fanbase that makes you look bad.

  • I dumped that dude. Turns out, he only hung out with neckbeards, which was rubbing on him.

  • You're becoming a neckbeard. We can't keep getting you tendies. We have to insist you watch better anime and stop going online.

  • If another neckbeard comes in here and puts off any more customers, we're going to start enforcing the hygiene rules harder.


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