What does Loser mean?

A slang term for an uncool or unsuccessful person.


Other definitions of Loser:

  • A person, team, or nation that loses something. In this instance, they are defined by their failure.
  • A very generic term for people are lacking certain traits. One can be a loser in love (ugly, mean, or not knowing what one has) or a loser at work (unsuccessful or bad at their job), for example.
  • A person or team that is lacking, so much so that it leads to loss.
  • Juxtaposed with winner, a loser is someone who has lost and without grit and practice, may continue losing.

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How to use the term

  • The shape of the L on the forehead? Yeah, that's you, loser.

  • Get in, loser. We're taking you home.

  • The loser of today's match will be living with a lot of shame for some time.

  • I'm glad you left that loser. He was the worst.


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