What does HO mean?

A slang modification of the word "whore", who is a sex-worker that engages in intercourse for pay.


Other definitions of HO:

  • A misspelling of the gardening hand-tool used to cultivate soil and remove weeds.
  • A derogatory term for a perceived promiscuous woman. Akin to slut-shaming, this term is used to identify a woman who falls out line with the norm of sexual inexperience that is incorrectly considered "pure".
  • An acronym for Head Office.
  • An acronym for "Hold On".

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How to use the term

  • When my mother called me a "ho", that's when I knew I had to move out. She was shaming me for something I hadn't even done.

  • Go out to the shed and get the ho. We have to prepare this field for the crops.

  • Heading out for HO. I can bring these office supplies with me if they're still short.

  • Wait, HO. You're pregnant? Oh, wow!


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