What does H mean?

A one-letter response to a question that is meant to confuse the asker. This character is explicitly used because it has no meaning.


Other definitions of H:

  • This letter became a meme response to throw people off, because there is no actual definition, it's just a space filler that is meant to send others into searching or asking for definitions.
  • A space filling answer to any prompt. Same as typing a blank response, making it brilliantly useless.
  • A completely meaningless answer for when you cannot think of anything to say. Some may try to imply the letter is perverted, but in most cases, assume it's just nonsensical.

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How to use the term

  • Person 1) Do you know what time your flight is sir?
    Person 2) h.
    Person 1) Okay, I'm going to need you to step out of line.

  • H

  • No H


"The Letter H", a subreddit dedicated to the letter.

  • A Website that mentions "H."
  • This is a subreddit, a website that host user generated content and allows other to vote on them. This specific subreddit is focused on the letter H and is filled with memes about the letter. Here, it is sorted by the top voted submissions of all time.

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